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Green Card Stories: Donation

At a time when the immigration debate threatens to boil over, Americans are losing the ability to talk about a phenomenon that has defined who we are as a country-a nation predominantly of immigrants from all walks of life, from all corners of the earth, who have fueled America's success with individual talents. Immigration tells our essential story: E pluribus unum - Out of many, one.

Green Card Stories demonstrates that today's immigrants are just as hardworking, energetic, and eager to contribute to U.S. society as past generations of new arrivals. It illustrates the energy and passion of these people and conveys a collective determination to fulfill their potential in America.

Green Card Stories is a coffee table style book that features dramatic narratives of 50 recent U.S. immigrants-each with permanent residence or citizenship-in compelling essays by nationally recognized journalist Saundra Amrhein and exquisite portraits by award-winning documentary photographer Ariana Lindquist, created and produced in collaboration with renowned immigration lawyers and scholars Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr.

Make a tax-deductible donation toward the production of Green Card Stories and an exhibition of photos from the book.

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