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ABIL Members Hold Global Immigration Symposium in Palo Alto, CA

On June 13, 2018, ABIL Members held a Global Immigration Symposium for HR and mobility managers of international companies and those hiring global talent. The program featured eminent speakers from across the globe, sharing their in-depth expertise and commenting on the latest developments.

COMMON NOTIONS OF IMMIGRATION LAW: Fit your mobility program to regional particularities. Comparing the EU, Asia, and other regions.

Bryan Funai (U.S. / Japan)

Maria Celebi (Turkey)

Laura Devine (UK)

Karl Waheed (France)

INTRACOMPANY TRANSFEREES: Compare different ICT schemes. Discussion of the options as the ICT visa category is on the rise.

Bryan Funai (U.S. / Japan)

Bernard Caris (Belgium)

Barbara Jo Caruso (Canada)

Jelle Kroes (Netherlands)

Nicolas Rollason (UK)

GLOBAL PROCESS. Strategies for streamlining communications and managing expertly.

Brendan Coggan (US)

Marco Mazzeschi (Italy)

Karl Waheed (France)


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