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Ministries or Agencies involved in the visa and permit process:

  •          Ministry of Labor and Employment

    Web Site: http://www.mintra.gob.pe
    Email: webmaster@mintra.gob.pe

  •          Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Web Site: http://www.rree.gob.pe
    Email: informes@rree.gob.pe

  •          National Superintendence of Migration – MIGRACIONES (formerly called Department of Immigration and Naturalization – DIGEMIN)

    Web Site: http://www.digemin.gob.pe
    Email: webmaster@digemin.gob.pe

  •          International Criminal Police Organization - INTERPOL

    Phone: 0511 - 2740543
    Fax: 0511 - 2236270

    Country embassy or consulate in the applicant's country of nationality or permanent residence: See Appendix at the end of this article.


    In principle, in accordance with the Peruvian Aliens Law, a temporary consular business visa will enable foreign citizens to perform activities typical to a businessperson in Peru.

    Also, to work in Peru, one  must obtain the applicable work permit, visa and migratory status beforehand if the person is employed by a local company as a subordinated worker. On the other hand, if a foreigner is providing services in Peru to a local company on a regular basis and holding a migratory status and visa regulated by the law maintaining a capacity as a worker of a foreign company (not included in the payroll of the local company), the appropriate migratory status is that of an appointed worker on a temporary visa.


    Under Peruvian Aliens Law, the definition of "Business" migratory status is :

    Business: Those who come to the country with no intention to reside and in order to perform business, legal or similar arrangements. They are permitted to sign contracts or settlements. They cannot perform remunerated or profit-making activities or earn any income from a Peruvian source, except for fees as directors of companies domiciled in Peru or as lecturers or international consultants by virtue of a service agreement. Such service agreement shall not exceed thirty (30) consecutive or accumulated calendar days, within a period of twelve (12) months.[1]

    This type of visa and migratory status allows a foreign citizen to carry out activities in Peru proper to a businessman and not a worker. A temporary business visa does not authorize rendering subordinate services as an employee (worker) of a local company or as an appointed worker of a company abroad. 

    A temporary business visa does not allow the holder to perform labor activities in Peru or to earn income from a Peruvian source. Training or acting in an advisory capacity does not qualify as a business, legal, or similar arrangement. Such activities do not fall within the scope of a temporary business visa.

    There is no specific technical visa available in Peru that would authorize short-term assignments that may be obtained in 3 to 5 days. For short-term assignments (1 or 2 months), for example, "technical activities," it is mandatory to obtain a temporary worker visa or temporary appointed worker visa, depending on the type of activities that the foreign citizen will perform in Peru. Either permit takes approximately 45 calendar days to obtain.

     If a foreign company is thinking of sending any of its employees to carry out business activities in Peru, the employee must obtain a temporary consular business visa according to the Peruvian Aliens Law.

    Requirements for Business Visitors

    The temporary consular business visa must be obtained in a Peruvian Consulate abroad, complying with the requirements established by the pertinent consulate located where the foreign citizen resides or, in the absence of a consulate there, near the city of residence. The requirements are not uniform and are set by each Peruvian consulate abroad.

    Allowable Activities

    Permitted activities with a business visa include, among others:

  •          Performing business arrangements.

  •          Performing legal or similar arrangements.

  •          Attending business meetings or discussions with Peruvian affiliates or related companies.

  •          Attending sales calls to potential Peruvian clients provided the alien represents a commercial entity outside Peru.

  •          Observing operations of a Peruvian affiliate or client.

  •          Attending "fact-finding" meetings with a Peruvian affiliate or clients.

  •          Attending seminars.

  •          Signing documents, contracts, or settlements.

  •          Acting as an international lecturer or consultant.

  •          Acting as director of a company domiciled in Peru.

  •          Collecting data or information regarding investments and similar activities.

  •          Supervising business or investments.

    Duration/Maximum Period of Stay

    A temporary visa  appliesto the migratory status of business only.

    The maximum term of stay authorized by a temporary consular business visa is 183 calendar days.

    Extension of Stay

    A temporary visa with the migratory status of business is non-extendable internally in Peru.

    Approximate Timeline

    The processing times depend on each Peruvian consulate abroad. The timeline could vary between 2 to 7 calendar days.


    Fees are set by each Peruvian consulate abroad.


    As noted above, a business visitor visa may be issued those who come to the country with no intention of residing,  to perform business, legal or similar arrangements; for example, attending business meetings or discussions with Peruvian affiliates or related companies, attending sales calls to potential Peruvian clients provided the alien represents a commercial entity outside Peru, observing operations of a Peruvian affiliate or client, attending "fact-finding" meetings with a Peruvian affiliate or clients, attending seminars, or signing documents, contracts or settlements.

    Business Visa Process and Documents

    Documents that may be needed to apply for a temporary business visa (depending on each Peruvian consulate abroad):

  •          Original passport valid for at least 6 months that includes available sheets  for stamping the appropriate visa, and a copy.
  •          Original and copy of ID and/or identification code.
  •          Appropriate form duly completed by the visa-holder.
  •          Passport-size photograph with specific requirements.
  •          Round-trip ticket (E-Ticket or reservation).
  •          Booking for a hotel or lodging.
  •          Original and copy of travel itinerary.
  •          Payment of consular fee.
  •          "Presentation or Invitation Letter" granted by the company abroad or the Peruvian entity, as appropriate. The letter must be on the company's letterhead.
  •          Criminal record, police record, or judicial record.

    Government Extends Exemptions of Temporary Business Visa requirements to Chilean and Mexican Nationals—Will Extend to Colombian Nationals

    • By Supreme Decree No. 024-2013-RE, published on May 21, 2013, nationals of Mexico, Chile, and (later) Colombia are exempt from the temporary visa requirement with migratory status of business up to 183 calendar days, without extension.
    • This legislation was established within the scope of the Framework Agreement of Pacific Alliance, which aims, among others, to create an area of deep integration between its member countries (Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico); to achieve gradual progress toward the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people; to promote cooperation among migration and consular authorities; and to facilitate the movement of people and traffic among the territories of these countries.
    • Implementation is intended to promote and facilitate the temporary entry of investors and entrepreneurs from Chile, Mexico, and Colombia into Peru.
    • The Supreme Decree entered into force for nationals of Chile and Mexico beginning on May 22, 2013. For nationals of Colombia, it will enter into force on the day following receipt of notice that the arrangement is reciprocal.
    Likewise, for Brazilian nationals a consular business visa obtained in a Peruvian consulate abroad is not required for business activities in Peru. It is sufficient that they indicate their migratory status of business in their Andean migration cards (embarkation/disembarkation cards) upon entering Peru.


    A foreign worker needs work authorization if he or she will train local personnel; that is to say, transfer knowledge, techniques and experience so as to enrich the abilities of the local personnel and transfer his or her know-how.

    One possible situation is that of foreign subordinated personnel working in a local company. Such dependent workers must obtain a work permit and the appropriate temporary or resident worker visa with migratory status of worker, with the understanding that a labor relationship exists between the foreign worker and the local company.

    Another possible situation is with respect to consultants or advisors who provide services in Peru, but who remain as workers dependent on the foreign company that designates them to perform the service or portion of such services contracted by a Peruvian company. With a temporary appointed worker visa, a service agreement or similar must be executed between a foreign company and a Peruvian company in advance, because there is no labor relationship between the appointed worker and the local company.

    Duration/Maximum Period of Stay

    For workers: Resident Visa (1 year, renewable. Resident permit extendable each year) in accordance with his/her labor contract executed with a local company, or temporary visa (period of stay authorized for less than 1 year) in accordance with his/her labor contract executed with a local company.

    For appointed workers: Temporary visa only, up to 90 calendar days of stay, extendable up to 1 year, non-extendable after that.

    Work Permit Process and Documents

    A. Workers:

    In the case of dependent foreign personnel, or workers of a local company, the following two main modes occur: 

    Andean Migrant Workers/Exemption Regime (considered as nationals)

    Decision Nº 545 of the Andean Community - CAN (Andean Labor Migration Instrument)

    Foreign Workers/General Regime

    • In compliance with limiting percentages
    • Exonerated from compliance with limiting percentages
    • Exempted from percentages and the proceedings to approve the contract

    (These are also considered as nationals.)

    Thus, labor contracts for Colombian, Ecuadorian, or Bolivian workers are governed by Decision Nº 545 and Peruvian special laws related to Andean migrant workers. Compliance with further requirements for the recording of the employment  contract executed by the foreign workers with a local company is not required. The filing of diplomas or certificates of labor experience with the Ministry of Labor and Promotion of Employment (MTPE), with the legalizations of foreign authorities and the respective Peruvian consulate, also is not required.

    The MTPE is notified of the employment contract and issues the Andean migrant worker certification in the name of the worker hired.

    No preferential treatment is given to citizens with Andean nationalities in immigration proceedings. They must follow the same steps and pertinent proceedings as any other foreign citizen for the purpose of obtaining a temporary visa (stay for less than 1 year) with a worker migratory status or, as appropriate, the resident-worker visa (1 year, extendable) with the same migratory status.

    In general, the rules of the Special Regime for Hiring Foreign Workers, governed by Supreme Decree Nº 689 and its Regulations approved by Supreme Decree Nº 14-92-TR, amended by Supreme Decree Nº 023-2001-TR, apply to those foreign workers with other nationalities who provide services as dependent personnel in a Peruvian company.

    The labor legislation discussed above establishes the maximum limits on hiring foreign personnel. Hiring of such foreign personnel cannot exceed 20% of the total number of national and foreign workers existing in a company, and 30% of their total salaries.

    Depending on the circumstances, the labor hiring may be performed, in principle, under one of the two following forms as appropriate:

  •          In compliance with the limiting percentages, or

  •          Exempted from the limiting percentages.

    If done in compliance with the limiting percentages, the employment contract, an affidavit, and the application, as well as a diploma (Professional Degree or a Certificate or Specialized Technician Certificate) or, alternatively, a certificate of labor experience issued by the foreign employer, must be filed with the MTPE, for the purposes of approval and registration. The Diploma or the Certificate of Labor Experience must be notarized by a Notary Public abroad, as well as by the pertinent authorities where it was issued and the Peruvian consulate, or duly authenticated (apostilled), as appropriate.

    If an exemption from the limiting percentages is applicable, the employment contract must be filed with the MTPE for the same purposes, together with the other documents that will constitute the complete dossier. However, in the case of a professional or a specialized technician, both the diploma and certificate of labor experience must be filed with the same notarization requirements mentioned above, or duly authenticated (apostilled), as appropriate.

    If the foreign worker is a Spanish national, is an immigrant, is married to a Peruvian, or has Peruvian ascendants, descendants, or siblings, he or she is regarded as a "national worker" and his or her hiring must be formalized for a fixed or indefinite term, as appropriate. A written employment contract must be executed by the parties in the form of an exemption from the limiting percentages.

    These are the most common requirements. Other types of exemption under Peruvian law are outside the scope of this article.

    Upon recording of the employment  contract of the foreign worker with the Labor Peruvian Authority, the administrative proceeding with MIGRACIONES (formerly DIGEMIN) may begin.

    There are two ways to obtain a visa for a future "subordinate worker," whether temporary (less than 1 year) or resident (1 year, renewable), as appropriate, along with worker migratory status:

    (1) By change of migratory status (in-country process) performed internally in Peru when the foreign citizen has come to Peru with a temporary visa, whether with tourist or business migratory status, to eventually obtain a resident visa (1 year, renewable) or a temporary visa (stay of less than 1 year), both of them with worker migratory status. In both cases, the temporary stay that they may have been granted upon entering Peruvian territory must be valid  to obtain the change of migratory status.

    If a foreign citizen is coming to Peru as a tourist (for certain nationalities such as, among others, Indian, Chinese, or Cuban), he or she must have a "special temporary consular tourist visa"[2] upon entering Peru. If he or she intends to stay in the country during a proceeding to change migratory status, he or she must ask the officer at the immigration checkpoint at an international airport for the maximum temporary stay authorization of up to 183 days.

    Likewise, he or she may request a similar term for authorization of temporary stay in Peru if he or she had obtained a temporary consular business visa before a Peruvian consulate in the country of residence abroad. It is recommended in such cases that he or she request a temporary consular multiple entry/departure business visa, which will allow him or her to enter and exit Peruvian territory during the authorized period of stay that has been requested and granted by the Peruvian consulate.

    (2) By a foreign citizen staying outside of Peru since the obtainment of visa migratory proceeding is started and while this procedure is ongoing, whether a resident visa (1 year, renewable) or a temporary visa (less than 1 year), both with worker migratory status.

    After approval in Peru, the foreign citizen should personally obtain the stamp with the pertinent seal of the visa on his or her passport at the Peruvian consulate abroad, so he or she can afterwards come to Peru and complete the proceeding.

    In the case of a resident visa, the proceeding must be completed by obtaining a foreigner card (carne de extranjeria) before registration of the foreign citizen in the Peruvian Central Aliens Registry.

    A foreign citizen hired by a local company may be added to this company's payroll and earn income from his or her employer for work in Peru after he or she has qualifying migratory status (employment contract registered with MTPE and the appropriate visa with worker migratory status); otherwise, Peruvian labor and immigration laws would be breached and sanctions would apply.

    Foreign workers have the same rights and benefits as Peruvian workers.

    B. Appointed Workers:

    With respect to consultants or advisors who provide services in Peru but remain as workers dependent on the foreign company that designates them to perform the service or part of such services for which they have been hired by a Peruvian company, such appointed workers obtain a temporary visa only. There must be a service agreement or similar agreement (cooperation agreement, technical assistance services agreement, etc.) executed between the foreign company and a Peruvian company beforehand.

    Foreign citizens who have been assigned by a foreign company to provide their services to a Peruvian company (such as specialized consultants or advisors (appointed workers)), not subordinate personnel of the local company, may obtain in Peru a temporary visa for an appointed worker by way of change of migratory status if they enter Peruvian territory with a temporary tourist or business visa.

    On the other hand, those who stay outside Peru during an obtainment of visa proceeding must obtain a temporary visa stamp in their passports at the Peruvian consulate chosen and indicated in the dossier, once the visa is approved by MIGRACIONES.

    With such migratory status and temporary visa, they may provide services in a local company within the framework of a service agreement or similar that both the foreign and the local companies should have previously executed.

    This migratory status only allows a temporary visa with an authorized stay of up to 90 calendar days, extendable up to one year.[3] In general in such cases, certain documentation requirements must be met, including:

    -A service agreement executed between the foreign company and the Peruvian company, complying with requirements such as the signature of the representative of the foreign company before a Notary abroad and the other authorities of the pertinent country, and any other procedures the pertinent Peruvian consulate may require, or duly apostilled, as appropriate.

    - An appointment letter granted by the foreign company in favor of the assignee, with the same requirements noted above.

    - A letter issued by the company beneficiary of the service (local company), among other documents.

    - A certificate of specialization granted by the foreign company in favor of the assignee, with the same requirements noted above.

    In general terms, processing by MIGRACIONES takes about 20 to 40 days.

    The foreign consultant or advisor must only provide his or her services to the local company and earn income from the foreign employer for work in Peru, after he or she has obtained the worker migratory status of "appointed worker" and a temporary visa. Otherwise, Peruvian immigration laws would be breached and sanctions would apply.

    Documents needed to apply for a work permit include:

    Worker Visa:

    In general terms:

  •          An employment contract, an affidavit, and the appropriate application.

  •          An original Diploma (Professional Degree Certificate or Specialized Technician Certificate).

  •          A Certificate of Labor Experience issued by the foreign employer.

  •          Other documentation for migratory purposes as noted above.

    Appointed Worker Visa:

    In general terms:

  •          A service agreement.

  •          A designation letter.

  •          A certificate of specialization.

  •          A letter of beneficiary (local company).

  •          Other documentation for migratory purposes as noted above.

    Approximate Timeline

    In general terms, the proceeding to register a foreign worker, in either one of the situations mentioned above, takes 5 business days at the Peruvian Ministry of Labor. This Ministry is very strict in revising and qualifying the documentation submitted for the purposes of approval and/or registration of the employment contracts of foreign personnel.

    The migratory process overall takes approximately 20 to 40 days.  


    At the MTPE level, as of 2013 the fee is US $10 for each employmemt contract for a foreign worker.

    At the level of the Peruvian Immigration Authority (MIGRACIONES) the fee is US $235 for each resident worker visa, US $50 for a temporary worker visa, and US $50 for an appointed worker visa, plus expenses, plus IVA (value-added tax).

    Other fees and charges may be collected depending on the steps carried out by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    The Family Call process may be started in Peru for the family members of a foreign worker (in the case of subordinate personnel), whether he or she holds a resident or temporary visa. It does not apply to family members of appointed workers on a temporary visa. Dependent status may be obtained based on the type of visa. If, for example, the holder has a resident visa, his or her relatives may obtain a resident visa as dependents of the holder. If the holder only has a temporary visa, his or her relatives may only obtain a temporary visa as his or her dependents.  

    This proceeding includes the spouses, sons younger than 18 years old, daughters, grandchildren, parents, and mothers- and fathers-in-law. The proceeding is referred to as changing the migration status of the relatives, because they will have come to Peru as tourists. It takes approximately 25 to 40 days. The proceedings are performed with MIGRACIONES.

    Documentation required may include a corresponding marriage certificate, birth certificate, or other pertinent documentation. All these documents must have the complete chain of authorizations granted by the foreign authorities of the country where they are issued, or duly apostilled, as appropriate.

    The appendix, a listing of Peruvian Consulates abroad, begins on the next page.


    Some Peruvian Consulates abroad:


     Peruvian Consulate in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Embassy of Peru in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Av.del Libertador 1720
    1425 Buenos Aires
    City: Buenos Aires
    Phone: +54-11-4802-2000; +54-11-4802-2438
    Fax: +54-11-4802-2551
    Email: embperu@arnet.com.ar

     Peruvian Consulate in Cordoba, Argentina 

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Cordoba, Argentina
    Ayacucho 161, Centro
    City: Cordoba
    Phone: +54-351-4210266; +54-351-4258545
    Fax: +54-351-4258545
    Email: consulperucba@arnet.com.ar

     Peruvian Consulate in Mendoza, Argentina

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Mendoza, Argentina
    Calle Granaderos 998, 5ta. Seccion
    City: Mendoza
    Phone: +54-261-423-2380
    Fax: +54-261-429-9831
    Email: cpmendoza@millic.com.ar

      Peruvian Consulate in La Paz, Bolivia

    Embassy of Peru in Bolivia
    La Paz, Sopocachi Calle Fernando Guachalla No. 300
    668 La Paz
    City: La Paz
    Phone: (+591-2) 2441250, 2444566
    Fax: (+591-2) 2441240
    Email: embbol@caoba.entelnet.bo

     Peruvian Consulate in El Alto, Bolivia

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in El Alto, Bolivia
    Av. Del Policia No. 951, Ciudad Satelite
    City: El Alto
    Phone: (+591-2) 2815755
    Fax: (+591-2) 2815754

     Peruvian Consulate in La Paz, Bolivia

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in La Paz, Bolivia
    AV. 6 DE Agosto No.2455
    Edif. Hilda, OF.402, Sopocachi
    City: La Paz
    Phone: (+591-2) 2440631, 2127223
    Fax: (+591-2) 2444199
    Web Site: http://www.conperlapaz.org
    Email: conperlapaz@acelerate.com

     Peruvian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil

    Embassy of Peru in Brazil     
    Lote 43 Sector de Embajadas
    Sur con Alvara de Construccion NT 252/74
    City: Brasilia
    Phone: (+55-61) 2429933, 2429835
    Fax: (+55-61) 2449344, 2443941
    Web Site: http://www.embperu.org.br
    Email: embperu@embperu.org.br

     Peruvian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Av. Rui Barbosa 314 - 2T. Andar Flamengo
    22250-020 Rio de Janeiro
    City: Rio de Janeiro
    Phone: (+55-21) 25514496, 25516296
    Fax: (+55-21) 25519796
    Email: conperio@terra.com.br

     Peruvian Consulate in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Calle Venezuela No. 36
    01439-000, Jarsim America
    City: Sao Paulo
    Phone: (+55-11) 30635952, 30635968
    Fax: (+55-11) 30635989
    Web Site: http://www.embperu.org.br
    Email: consulperu.sp@uol.com.br

     Peruvian Consulate in Salvador, Brazil

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Salvador, Brazil
    Av. Presidente Vargas Nº3722, Rio Vermelho
    CEP. 40210 - 000 Salvador
    City: Salvador
    Phone: (+55-71) 3366202
    Fax: (+55-71) 2377756
    Email: emaluf@outletcenter.com.br

     Peruvian Consulate in Santiago, Chile

    Embassy of Peru in Chile
    Av. Andrés Bello 1751
    City: Santiago
    Phone: (+56-2) 3392600, 2356451
    Fax: (+56-2) 2358139, 2352053
    Email: embstgo@entelchile.net

     Peruvian Consulate in Arica, Chile

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Arica, Chile
    Av. 18 de Setiembre N° 1554
    City: Arica
    Phone: (+56-58) 231020, 255048
    Fax: (+56-58) 254656
    Email: conperarica@terra.cl

     Peruvian Consulate in Valparaiso, Chile

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Valparaiso, Chile 
    Av. Errazuriz No 1178, Of. 71, Edificio Olivari
    City: Valparaiso
    Phone: (+56-32) 253403, 215621
    Fax: (+56-32) 217289
    Email: consulperu_valparaiso@rree.gob.pe

     Peruvian Consulate in Iquique, Chile

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Iquique, Chile 
    Segundo Piso, Casa Billinghurst, Zegers Nº570
    248 Iquique
    City: Iquique
    Phone: (+56-57) 411466, 413351
    Fax: (+56-57) 414506
    Email: consulperu-iquique@rree.gob.pe

     Peruvian Consulate in Bogota, Colombia

    Embassy of Peru in Colombia 
    Calle 80A Nro 6 -50
    City: Bogota
    Phone: (+57-1) 2570505, 2498362
    Fax: (+57-1) 2498581
    Web Site: http://www.embajadadelperu.org.co
    Email: lbogota@cable.net.co

     Peruvian Consulate in San Jose, Costa Rica

    Embassy of Peru in Costa Rica
    Del Colegio de Ingenieros y Arquitectos
    325 metros al Norte, Urbanizacion Freses de Curridabat
    4248-1000 San Jose
    City: San Jose
    Phone: (+506) 2259145, 2251575
    Fax: (+506) 2530457
    Email: embaperu@amnet.co.cr

     Peruvian Consulate in Miramar, Cuba

    Embassy of Peru in Cuba     
    Calle 30 Pt. 107 entre 1ra y 3ra
    Miramar, Havana
    City: Miramar
    Phone: (+53-7) 2042477, 2042632
    Fax: (+53-7) 2042636, 2049788
    Email: embaperu@embaperu.cu

     Peruvian Consulate in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Dominican Republic 
    Calle Mayreni N° 31
    Urbanizacion Los Cacicazgos
    City: Santo Domingo
    Phone: +1-809-482-3300 ; +1-809-482-3344
    Fax: +1-809-482-3334
    Email: embaperu@verizon.net.do

     Peruvian Consulate in Quito, Ecuador

    Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Ecuador
    Av. RepJblica de El Salvador 495 e Irlanda
    City: Quito
    Phone: +593-2-2468-410 ; +593-2-2468-411
    Fax: +593-2-2252-560
    Web Site: http://www.embajadadelperu.org.ec
    Email: embpeecu@uio.satnet.net

     Peruvian Consulate in Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Consulate General of the Republic of Peru in Guayaquil, Ecuador 

    Av. Francisco de Orellana Mz 501
    Edif. Centrum, piso 14 Ofic. 02
    Kennedy Norte
    City: Guayaquil
    Phone: +593-4-2280-114 ; +593-4-2280-142
    Fax: +593-4-2280-183
    Email: conperu@gye.satnet.net

     Peruvian Consulate in Panamá City, Panamá

    Embassy of Peru in Panamá City, Panamá 
    Edificio World Trade Center, piso 12 Calle José de la Cruz Urbanizacion Marbel
    Corregimiento de Bellavista
    City: Panama City
    Phone: 223 1112 269 6864
    Fax: 269 6809
    Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/embperpan
    Email: embapeu@pananet.com

     Peruvian Consulate in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Uruguay
    Calle Obligado 1384 (Esq. Rivera)
    Montevideo 11300
    City: Montevideo
    Phone: +598-2-707-1420 ; +598-2-707-6862
    Fax: +598-2-707-7793
    Web Site: http://www.embaperu.org.uy
    Email: emba8@easymail.com.uy

     Peruvian Consulate in Caracas, Venezuela

    Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Venezuela
    Av. Andres Bello, piso 7,
    Ofic. 71-72 (Torre Oeste) y 73-74 (Torre Este)
    City: Caracas
    Phone: +58-212-264-1420 ; +58-212-264-1483
    Fax: +58-212-265-7592

    Web Site: http:// www.conpercaracas.com
    Email: consuladodelperu@conpercaracas.com

     Peruvian Consulate in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

    Consulate General of the Republic of Peru in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
    Urbanizacion Roraima Calle Roraima
    con esquina de calle Aguila, Mz 4 asa No. 20
    City: Puerto Ordaz
    Phone: +58-286-961-6225 ; +58-286-961-4945
    Fax: +58-286-962-3865
    Email: puertoordaz@rree.gob.pe


     Peruvian Consulate in New York, United States of America

    Consulate of Peru in New York
    241 East 49th Street New York, N.Y. 10017
    City: New York
    Phone: 001)-646-735-3828 / (001)-646-735-3847
    Fax: (001)-646-7353866
    Web Site: http://www.consuladoperu.com
    Email: legal@conperny.org

     Peruvian Consulate in Dallas, United States of America

    Consulate of Peru in Dallas

    9330 Amberton Parkway, Suite 2130, Dallas, TX 75243
    City: Dallas
    Phone: (001-972)234-0005 / (001-972)234-0022
    Fax: (001-972)498-1086
    Web Site: www.consuladoperu.coml
    Email:  consulado@conperdallas.com
     Peruvian Consulate in Houston, United States of America

    Consulate of Peru in Houston
    5177 Richmond Avenue. Suite 695 Houston. Texas 77056
    City: Houston
    Phone: (001)-713-3559517 / (001)-713-3559438
    Fax: (001)-713-355-9377
    Web Site: http://consuladoperu.com/.
    Email: conperu@sbcglobal.net

     Peruvian Consulate in Los Angeles – L.A., United States of America

    Consulate of Peru in Los Angeles – L.A
    3450 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 800 / Los Angeles, California 90010
    City: Los Angeles – L.A
    Phone: (1-213) 2525910 / (1-213) 2529795
    Fax: (1-213) 2528130
    Web Site: http://www.consuladoperu.com
    Email: conperla@mpowercom.net

     Peruvian Consulate in Washington DC, United States of America

    Consulate of Peru in Washington DC
    1700 Massachusetts Avenue, NW,
    Washington, DC  20036
    City: Washington, DC
    Phone: (202) 833-9860/69
    Fax: (202) 659-8124
    Web Site: http://www.peruvianembassy.us/
    Email: webadmin@embassyofperu.us

     Peruvian Consulate in Miami, United States

    General Consulate of Peru in Miami, United States of America 
    444 Brickel Avenue Suite M-135
    (esq. SE 5 St) Edificio Rivergate Plaza Miami, Florida 33131
    City: Miami
    Phone: (305) 374-1305 (5 lines)
    Fax: (305) 381-6027
    Web Site: http://www.consulado-peru.com/
    Email: informacion@consulado-peru.com

    Office Hours: Mon to Fri: 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

     Peruvian Consulate in Mexico City, Mexico

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Mexico D.F. 
    Paseo de la Reforma No. 2601,
    Lomas Reforma, Mexico, D.F., 11020
    City: Mexico City
    Phone: +52-5 570-2443 ; +52-5 570-2443
    Fax: +52-5 259-0530

    Web Site: http://www.consuladodelperu.com.mx

    Email: conpermexico@prodigy.net.mex

     Peruvian Consulate in Ottawa, Canada

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Ottawa, Canada
    130 Albert Street Suite 1901, K1P 5G4
    City: Ottawa
    Phone: (613) 238-1777
    Fax: (613) 232-3062
    Email: emperuca@magi.com

     Peruvian Consulate in Toronto, Canada

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Toronto, Canada
    10 Saint Mary Street, Suite 301
    M4Y 1P9 Toronto
    City: Toronto
    Phone: (+1-416) 9639696
    Fax: (+1-416) 9639074
    Web Site: http://www.conperutoronto.com
    Email: info@conperutoronto.com

     Peruvian Consulate in Vancouver, Canada

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Vancouver, Canada
    260-505 Burrand Street
    V7X 1M3 Vancouver
    City: Vancouver
    Phone: (+1-604) 6628880
    Fax: (+1-604) 6623564
    Web Site: http://www.consuladoperu.ca
    Email: conpervan@consuladoperu.ca
    Office Hours: Business hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. The second Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

     Peruvian Consulate in Montreal, Canada

    General Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Montreal, Canada
    550 Sherbrooke Oeste, Of. 970
    Montreal, Quebec
    H3A 1B9
    City: Montreal
    Phone: (+1-514) 8445123, 8444998
    Fax: (+514) 8438425
    Web Site: http://www.consuladoperumontreal.com
    Email: perou@videotron.net
    Office Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

     Peruvian Consulate in Quebec, Canada

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Quebec, Canada
    250 Grande Allee Ouest, Bureau 1507
    City: Quebec
    Phone: (+1-418) 5215777
    Fax: (+1-418) 5297423
    Email: g.a.marcotte@videotron.ca


     Peruvian Consulate in Madrid, Spain

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Spain
    Calle Cristobal Bordiu N° 49, 28003 Madrid.
    City: Madrid
    Phone: (0034)-91- 5610176 / (0034)-91- 5629012
    Fax: (0034)-91-5629111
    Web Site: http://www.consuladoperumadrid.org
    Email: Info@consuladoperumadrid.org

      Peruvian Consulate in London, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

    Consulate of Peru in London, Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
    52, Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SP, UK
    City: London, Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Phone: +44 020 7838 9223 / +44 079 2188 6202
    Fax: +44 020 7823 2789
    Web Site: http:// www.conperlondres.co.ukhttp:// www.conperlondres.com

    Email: peruconsulate-uk@btconnect.com

     Peruvian Consulate in Milano, Italy

    Consulate General of the Republic of Peru in Milano, Italy
    Vía Roberto Bracco Nº 1 - 20159, Milano.
    Via Benigno Crespi Nº15 - 20159 Milano (Ingreso al Público)
    City: Milano
    Phone: (39-02) 69004577  // (39-02) 66809617
    Fax: +39-02-6685575

    Web Site: http://www.conpermilan.com

    Email: consulado@conpermilan.com

     Peruvian Consulate in Rome, Italy

    Consulate General of the Republic of Peru in Rome, Italy
    Via Sibari 4 - 00183 Rome, Italy
    City: Rome
    Phone: (0039)- 333-9673010, +39-06-8841442 ; +39-06-8848063
    Fax: +39-06-8848273
    Web Site: http://www.consuladoperuroma.it
    Email: info@consuladoperuroma.it

     Peruvian Consulate in Paris, France

    Consulate General of the Republic of Peru in France 
    25, Rue de L' Arcade 75008 París

    City: Paris
    Phone: (0033)-1-42652510
    Fax: (0033)-7-86635730

    Web Site: http://www.amb-perou.fr
    Email: conperparis@wanadoo.fr

     Peruvian Consulate in Berlin, Germany

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Germany
    Mohrenstrasse 42
    Berlin 10117
    City: Berlin
    Phone: +49-30-2064-1043
    Fax: +49-30-2064-1077
    Web Site: http://www.embaperu.de
    Email: gabinete@embaperu.de



     Peruvian Consulate in New Delhi, India

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in India 
    A-9/5, Bucharest Marg,
    Vasant Vihar,
    New Delhi 110057
    City: New Delhi
    Phone: +91-11-46163333; +91-11-46163308
    Fax: +91-11-46163301
    Web Site: http://www.embassyperuindia.in
    Email: info@embassyperuindia.in
    Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Monday to Friday

     Peruvian Consulate in Beijing, China

    Consulate of Peru in Beijing, China (People's Republic)
    1-91, San Li Tun Office Building
    City: Beijing
    Phone: (+86 10) 65323719
    Fax: (+86 10) 65322178
    Email: lpekin@public.bta.net.cn

     Peruvian Consulate in Shanghai, China

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Shanghai, China
    Kerry Centre, 1515 Nanjing west road, ofi. 2705
    City: Shanghai
    Phone: (+86-21) 52985900
    Fax: (+86-21) 52985905
    Web Site: http://www.conpersh.com
    Email: conperu@conpersh.com

     Peruvian Consulate in Tokyo, Japan

    Consulate of the Republic of Peru in Japan 
    100-1, Higashi 4-Chome
    Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0011
    City: Tokyo
    Phone: +81-3-3406-4243 ; +81-3-3406-4249
    Fax: +81-3-3409-7589

    Web Site: http://www.consuladoperutokio.org

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