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RUSSIA: Online Applications for Foreign Labor Now Available

Online applications for foreign labor are now available; changes are effective for processing of visa extension applications.

Moscow Center for Labour Exchange officials have confirmed that quota applications for engaging foreign labor are now available online in addition to paper.

The new deadlines for filing are July 1, 2014, for quota 2015 applications and September 1, 2014, for year 2014 "correction" applications.  The application requirements have also been considerably updated.  For example, companies must guarantee medical insurance and accommodations for foreign employees filling quota positions.  The requirements have also been toughened in relation to corporate documentation to be provided, which is expected to pose additional challenges to companies depending on the allocation of quota positions.

Additionally, the renewed list of reasons for negative decisions on quota allocations was introduced.  Quota positions will not be granted to companies that:

  • are not registered in the unified register of legal persons;
  • submitted falsified documents or data to the authorities;
  • are going through bankruptcy procedures;
  • can cover staffing needs with local labor resources;
  • indicate a salary in the quota application that is lower than the set living standard for the region in which the application is submitted;
  • failed to provide medical insurance and accommodation;
  • are charged with offenses in the areas of labor, migration, tax, or social security law; or
  • failed to comply with the set quota of foreign employees in a particular industry.
On a separate note, there have been changes in the processing of visa extension applications by the Federal Migration Service.  Starting immediately, to file for a visa extension, the passport should be valid for 6 months after the requested visa end date.  If there is insufficient passport validity, the visa validity will be curtailed accordingly to fit this requirement.

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