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UNITED KINGDOM: Change-of-Circumstances Requests Automated

On April 6, 2014, the Home Office introduced a range of changes to Sponsorship IT, including the ability to allow changes of main organization, head office, and key personnel addresses, to take effect immediately in the sponsorship management system (SMS).  The Home Office took this measure in response to feedback from sponsors and their advisors who have experienced delays of several months for these changes to take effect in the SMS.

As of April 6, the following change requests are automatically applied to a sponsor's license:

  • amendments to organization details
  • amendments to current Authorising Officer's details
  • amendments to current Key Contact's details
  • amendments to Level 1 user details

The Home Office will continue to assess all changes of main organization and/or head office address, whether or not automatically applied.  Therefore, even if the change takes effect immediately, sponsors should always send the submission sheet and relevant supporting evidence to the Home Office.

Changes of address for key personnel will take effect immediately where the new address matches the main organization or the head office address.  In addition, changes of address for Sponsor's Key Contact or Level 1 users will also be automated where the address matches that of a sponsor’s appointed representative.

If a request does not meet the criteria for automation, the changes will not take effect immediately, the request status on the "View recent and outstanding requests" screen will be "Pending," and the Home Office will consider the request as normal.

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