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PERU: Update on Visas in Peru for Short-Term Assignments

The Peruvian immigration authority (MIGRACIONES) has no specific visa that may be obtained quickly for short-term assignments.  When technical workers, for example, are coming to work in Peru, they must obtain work permits, which take approximately 30 to 45 days.  The work permit may be either a temporary worker visa (for foreign workers on a local company's payroll) or an appointed worker temporary visa (for workers who are not staff of the local company).

Appointed workers are those who come to Peru with no intention of establishing a residence to carry out labor activities assigned by their foreign employers for limited and defined terms to perform specific tasks or duties, or to perform work that requires professional, commercial, or technical knowledge or any other type of highly specialized knowledge.  This category applies to consultants or advisors.  Although they are paid by a company abroad, they must pay taxes in Peru.

To obtain this type of visa (Visa Temporal de Trabajador Designado), the following documents must be legalized by a Peruvian consulate abroad or certified by apostille abroad:

  • A Service Agreement or Technical Service Agreement (TSA) executed by the foreign entity that will provide the services (Provider) and the local entity receiving the services (Beneficiary Company).
  • An appointment letter issued by the Provider appointing the foreign consultant who will come to Peru under the Service Agreement.
  • A letter from the Beneficiary Company confirming that it will be the recipient of the services that the foreign consultant will provide.
  • A Certificate of Specialization of the foreign consultant issued by the Provider.
  • The assignee's original passport in the case of in-country processing before MICRACIONES.  If processing before a consul abroad, then a copy of the passport will be duly legalized by the Peruvian consulate abroad or certified by apostille and the consultant will remain abroad for processing.
  • Other documentation of the assignee and the local company as required.

Translations of the documents must be made in Peru by an official public translator.

The processing time from the date of filing of the application with all required documents is 30 working days for "Obtaining Visa Proceeding," and 60 working days for in-country processing, according to the rules.  At present, however, in-country processing is taking less time.

The holder of this type of visa cannot open a bank account in Peru, obtain a credit card, or obtain a driver's license, because he or she is not considered a resident.

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