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ITALY: Seasonal "work quotas" are available

Seasonal "work quotas" are available.

Those wishing to work in the farm, hotel, or tourism industries may apply for one of the 60,000 "work quotas" by filing online with the Ministry of the Interior starting March 22, 2011. The number of quotas is sufficiently high to virtually guarantee the entrance of all those who apply. Considering that it takes at least one month for the quota to be issued, those needing workers in Italy immediately should file the application quickly. Availability is limited to the following nationalities: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Philippines, Kosovo, Croatia, India, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Gambia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Albania, Morocco, Moldavia, and Egypt. The request may be for multiple years so that in following years the employer may have the employee return without the need for a new quota.

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