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Bernard Wolfsdorf and Stephen Yale-Loehr were Quoted in Articles on the Shortage of EB-5 Investor Visas

Bernard Wolfsdorf and Stephen Yale-Loehr were quoted  in articles on the shortage of EB-5 investor visas due to an influx of Chinese applicants.

Mr. Wolfsdorf was quoted on CNN Money, "It's like the movie house is sold out—there are no spare tickets left.  Pretty much all the visas for this year are accounted for," he said.

Mr. Yale-Loehr was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on August 27, 2014 stating that the likelihood that the visas will be snapped up even more quickly in the next fiscal year "reflects the increasing popularity of the EB-5 program."

He was also quoted in the Los Angeles Times on August 30, 2014.  He predicted that the influx would slow down.  "It's been like a four-lane expressway and now it's going back down to two," he said.  Mr. Yale-Loehr also noted that the visa program's use as a funding mechanism for local development projects could mean that the prospect of longer waits for visas will reduce the program's usefulness for developers trying to complete their projects on tight deadlines: "For businesses that rely on EB-5 money to finance their projects, it will become difficult to start and finish their work."

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