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BRAZIL: Mercosur Agreement on Residence Implemented for Ecuadorians

As of September 18, 2014, the Federal Police and the Brazilian consulates abroad are accepting requests for temporary residence from nationals of Ecuador based on the Mercosur Agreement. Now Ecuadorian nationals can come to live in Brazil without the need to first apply for a work or student visa. The same treatment is being applied to Brazilian nationals who want to live in Ecuador.

The following countries are parties to the Mercosur Agreement on Residence for Nationals of Member and Associated Countries:

  • As Member Countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay
  • As Associated Countries: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

The process for obtaining residence under the Mercosur Agreement begins with obtaining temporary residence for a two year-period, which can be applied for either directly at the Federal Police in Brazil (regardless of whether the foreigner's stay is regular or irregular in Brazil) or at the Brazilian consulate abroad before coming to Brazil. Ninety days before the end of the term of temporary residence, the foreigner must apply for change of status to permanent residence, for which he or she must prove self-support in Brazil.

Ordinance No. 1,351 of August 8, 2014, and its amendments, which simplify the procedures for change of status from temporary to permanent residence for Mercosur residents as well as for registration at the Federal Police, became effective September 1, 2014. The new rules guarantee foreigners the right to permanent residence and issuance of an Identification Card for Foreigners, provided that all required documents are submitted with the application.

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