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The new "Temporary Migration Regularization Program" took effect January 13.

On January 12, 2015, the Mexican government published an announcement in the Federal Official Gazette about the "Temporary Migration Regularization Program," which became effective the day after and will expire on December 18, 2015.

The program incorporates requirements and procedures temporarily applicable to foreigners who entered Mexico legally before November 9, 2012, and who, as of January 13, 2015, have been living in Mexico under an irregular migration status.

The program establishes that if the migration authority resolves the migration filing as approved (taking into account that the interested individual filed a migration regularization application), the authority will grant temporary resident status for four years with the possibility of requesting a work permit with authorization to perform remunerated activities in Mexico.

This program is aligned with various strategies of the Mexican government that promote specific actions to guarantee protection of the human rights of immigrants under unfavorable conditions, such as irregular status, which often represents a risk to their security, access to health services, and development in society.

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