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Angelo Paparelli interviewed by NPR's Patt Morrison

Angelo Paparelli discussed the issue of birthright citizenship and how it applies to "anchor" or "foothold babies," children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S. with the intention of keeping their parents legally in the country, and "maternity tourism" on a March 31 NPR program with Patt Morrison.

Sparked by the recent discovery of a nursery operating out of a townhouse in California, the discussion touched on the different ways these children are viewed, depending on how their mothers came to the U.S., and if birthright citizenship was a loophole in immigration law. Angelo pointed out that historically, Congress put measures in place, and a child cannot confer an immigration benefit on the parents until the age of 21, and even then would have to demonstrate that the parents would be supported so they wouldn't be a burden on society. Angelo noted that privileges of citizenship could be a viewed as burden, and there are societal advantages and disadvantages to the current laws in place, and answered callers' questions on the topic.

Listen here.

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