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Charles Kuck, Along with the ACLU and Other Organizations Filed Injunction Against Georgia’s House Bill 87

On June 2, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia, the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Asian Law Caucus, and a coalition of other organizations and individuals including Charles Kuck filed a class action lawsuit against Georgia’s House Bill 87.

In the story covered by Atlanta’s CBS affiliate during the court hearing on June 20, “Civil rights groups want federal judge to block immigration law,” Mr. Kuck stated, "If we had 50 different states legislating 50 different immigration laws, we would not have an effective foreign policy or comprehensive way to enforce immigration.”

On June 27, Charles Kuck was quoted in many media sources after the federal judged issued a preliminary injunction on key provisions of the Georgia law that would crack down on illegal immigration:

CNN: “I'm very happy, as are all those who believe the Constitution is important.”

The Atlanta Business Chronicle: “[The law that would allow police officers to investigate the immigration status of people they stop on the suspicion of creating a crime] is the most destructive part of this law, what was causing the most fear in the community.”

Georgia Public Broadcasting: “[The judge] relied on two Supreme Court cases, one from 1940 and one a little bit more recent that said basically it is the purview of the federal government and Congress to enact and enforce immigration-related laws. Period.”

WSBTV: "We view this as a huge victory to strike down the two worst parts of this law. And not just gradually strike them down, but put a sledgehammer, pound them into the ground kind of strike them down."

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