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Robert Loughran Voiced His Concerns Regarding the Complexities of Proposed Bills for “Lawfully Detained” Individuals

Robert Loughran was quoted in the June 23, 2011, edition of the Texas Tribune in the article “Students, federal memo complicate ‘sanctuary cities.’” Commenting on the potential unintended effects of state bills and a recent ICE memo on detaining and removing immigration status violators from the U.S., Mr. Loughran noted, "Once you detain someone you have to take action on that file. And very few people have the courage to stand up and do the release. I have specifically seen cases and worked on cases where the government has been unable to articulate what its concern or danger is, and you cannot get a single officer to put a signature on a release." He said that could lead to non-offenders and even witnesses to crimes being held for weeks or even years, which could also swell jail populations and cost cities and counties millions in detention costs.

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