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Stephen Yale-Loehr Quoted in Livemint Article Regarding B-1 Business Visa Holders

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted recently in the June 23, 2011, edition of Livemint in the article, “B-1 Visa Holders in Demand on Job Portals.” He noted that under business visa regulations, foreign nationals on B-1 visas should fit certain parameters: they should be paid by the overseas company, not by the U.S. company; their activities must be incidental to work that will be primarily performed outside of the U.S.; and they cannot displace a U.S. worker. "But what that means in actuality can be hard to determine. The two ends of the spectrum are clear, but there's a large gray area in the middle," Mr. Yale-Loehr said. He also noted that although some advertisements may look suspicious, that does not necessarily indicate that applicants would be doing work that is prohibited, adding that B-1 visa regulations are vague and often difficult for both companies and immigration officials to interpret.

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