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Charles Kuck Featured on NBC and CNN on Students Released from Immigration Detention

A day after new Obama administration guidelines focusing removal efforts on high-risk cases were released, Charles Kuck argued in court that his clients' cases should be dropped under the new guidelines. Mr. Kuck commented on the release of the two North Georgia students, Luis “Ricky” Hernandez and Pedro Morales from immigration detention. The Atlanta NBC syndicate featured the story, “Immigration officials agree to release jailed students” on August 20, 2011. He questioned whether immigration officials were following their own policy in detaining the two boys. At the time of their arrest, a memo was released to prioritize detention to those who pose a security threat to the nation.

On August 26, 2011, CNN also featured Mr. Hernandez and Morales' cases as examples of the new policy in the article, "Immigration attorneys: U.S. deportation policy shift starting."  Mr. Kuck mentioned that these federal policie will make the harsh state immigration initiatives, such as Georgia and Arizona's "meaningless."

Mr. Kuck is also featured in the August 23, 2011 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, "Feds release first illegal immigrants in Georgia"

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