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Stephen Yale-Loehr Quoted in Wall Street Journal and International Business Times on New Alabama Immigration Law

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the September 29, 2011, edition of the Wall Street Journal. In an article about a federal judge's upholding of key parts of a new Alabama law aimed at stopping illegal immigration, Mr. Yale-Loehr noted, "Judge Blackburn seems to believe it's not a crime for an undocumented immigrant to solicit work but it is a crime for an undocumented person to do business with the state. The Supreme Court needs to decide this issue once and for all."

Mr. Yale-Loehr was also quoted in the International Business Times on September 30, 2011, “Because of the proliferation of state immigration laws, we need resolution from either the Supreme Court or Congress… Right now, for example, it is very hard for national employers to know what they can or cannot do in various states.”

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