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Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr Mentioned on CNN Photo Blogs for Green Card Stories Book

Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr collaborated to produce the book Green Card Stories that features fifty immigrants to the United States that have received their Green Card. They also wrote the introduction to the book. Starting February 8, 2012, CNN featured Green Card Stories on its photo blog and In America blog. On the photo blog, photographer Ariana Lindquist commented on the process that she went through to capture each individual’s photo. She stated, “I was trying to glean what the story was but also pick up ideas and concepts that I might be able to apply to the images at the end.” Using her photojournalism background, she would spend at least five hours with each individual, hearing their story and observing their daily routine. “It was really compelling hearing what many people went through to come here as well as what many people went through in order to stay.” Her main goal with the photographs was “to try and give each individual the space in which they felt comfortable expressing who they are.”

On the In America blog, author Saundra Amrhein discussed the process of selecting the individuals to include in the book and their reactions when being interviewed and photographed. When asked what it means for so many people to make the sacrifices that they do to immigrate to a new country, Saundra responded, “[I]t requires a phenomenal amount of resilience to come here and go through what they go through…. They have such a tenacity and strength, you find that not only has that strength enabled them to become really productive people, but that has also led them to pursue what they love in life.” Saundra also explained that one thing she hopes people learn from Green Card Stories is that it helps shed some of the stereotypes and make the readers more empathetic toward immigrants and their contribution to the United States.

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