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Angelo Paparelli Featured on CBS Radio

On March 27, Angelo Paparelli was interviewed by CBS Radio (KNX 1070) discussing immigration lessons learned from a case in which a man arrested on suspicion of murdering five people in San Francisco was to be deported in 2006, and he is now staying in the U.S. after Vietnamese authorities failed to provide necessary travel documents.

Without offering a view on whether the man is guilty or innocent, Mr. Paparelli said that this case demonstrates a failure to pass immigration reform, or to take the Supreme Court's cue in 2001, to write a statute on detention of criminal aliens that satisfies the constitution's due process protections. He said it also shows why the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement should focus more on removing non-citizen criminals from the U.S. rather than the low-level immigration violators who pose no threat. He suggests that the latter should be given prosecutorial discretion and deferred action.

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