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ABIL Members Quoted on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in USA Today on September 27, 2013, in an article on immigration reform. "I think it's the conventional wisdom that immigration reform is dead in the House. But I think there could still be a surprise." 

Robert Loughran spoke on August 8, 2013, at the West Texas Legislative Summit on the campus of Angelo State University on "Proposed Legislative and Procedural Changes to Immigration Law."

Stephen Yale-Loehr wwas quoted in an article about the prospects for immigration reform in the House of Representatives. A version of the story was published on July 9, 2013, in the Arizona Republic.

Stephen Yale-Loehr wrote an op-ed about the Senate immigration bill that was published in El Norte, a Mexican newspaper, on July 4, 2013. He summarized what the Senate bill would do. He said, among other things, that the bill would both benefit and hurt Mexicans: "The Senate bill contains a legalization program, but it requires a long wait and many requirements, so many people may not end up being able to legalize their status. Also, the border security provisions in the Senate bill are too tough. They unnecessarily militarize the border and would harm U.S.-Mexican relations."


Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the Gannett newspaper chain, in articles about the Senate immigration bill. Commenting on the estimated 11 million people who entered the United States without authorization or overstayed their legal visits before December 31, 2011, who would be offered a 13-year path to citizenship beginning with their application for registered provisional immigrant status, Mr. Yale-Loehr noted that requirements under the Senate bill would exclude some.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in TribLIVE/USWorld on June 27, 2013. In "Immigration Bill Unlikely To Pass House," he noted, "The Senate's passage of a major immigration reform bill is a milestone, but it is only half the battle. A tougher battle lies ahead in the House."

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted by PolitiFact on June 27, 2013. In "Sen. Jeff Sessions Says Immigration Bill Has Provision That Lets Janet Napolitano Skip Fence," Mr. Yale-Loehr noted that the provision in question "just gives DHS discretion not to build a fence at a particular location, not discretion to not build a fence at all." 

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted by the News-Leader on comprehensive immigration reform legislation. He said Republicans must walk a fine line. "There are competing constituencies in reforming our broken immigration system. [Big businesses] may provide a lot of cash to fund a campaign, but it is the political base that often determines who wins a primary."

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted on immigration reform legislation issues in the Newark Advocate. He noted that passing immigration reform could give Republicans a "fighting chance" to win support from newly legalized Hispanic voters.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in La Opinion, the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States. In an article on activists and immigration reform legislation now being considered in the Senate, he noted, "Creo que es una buena señal y que el grupo de los ocho ha manejado bien el proyecto de ley hasta ahora. Está claro que el senado se está tomando con seriedad el tema de la reforma, pero ahora hay que ver cómo manejarán el tema de las enmiendas que van a comenzar a llegar." 

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in USA Today on June 3, 2013. In an article on the new immigration bill, he said, "It's a balancing act. The Gang of Eight has done a great job so far of walking that tightrope. Now we'll see whether they can continue."

Stephen Yale-Loehr gave a media briefing for journalists on May 17, 2013, at the Hall of States in Washington, DC. He analyzed the changes being made to the immigration bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee markup and predicted that the Senate would pass significant immigration reform but that the House probably would not pass a bill this year. He noted that crafting a comprehensive immigration bill is "like playing Rubik's Cube with five different people…who all have the same Rubik's Cube and are twisting it in different directions. To get it all to come together at the end so that you have one solid color is going to be very difficult." Mr. Yale-Loehr was quoted in an article about the briefing in the Cornell Chronicle. He was also quoted about the briefing in Bloomberg's Bureau of National Affairs Workplace Immigration Report on May 17.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the May 9, 2013, edition of the Arizona Republic, in an article on the immigration reform bill being marked up in the Senate. He noted: "Nobody likes the entire bill. There are liberals who hate certain provisions just as much as conservatives hate others. It will be a true test of Congress to see if they can thread the needle and get something passed."

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted on CNN.com on April 18, 2013, in "Immigration Reformers Seek To Avoid Déjà Vu." Among other things, he noted that "[t]he chances of getting something enacted this year are less than 50% because of the short number of legislative days, and the House Republicans may not feel the same sense of urgency to enact immigration reform legislation." 

Angelo Paparelli was quoted in Law360 on April 18, 2013, in "Immigration Reform Bill Offers Employers A Mixed Bag." He said, "I think the fact that the U.S. Chamber [of Commerce] and the AFL-CIO reached a consensus on a lesser-skilled worker visa is wonderful, but the numbers make the program illusory," and noted that the cap on W visas was too low to fill the positions employers need.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted by ABC online on April 16, 2013, in "How Unlimited Visas Could Affect Immigration." He noted that green cards for spouses and children of permanent residents are in demand and backlogged.

Angelo Paparelli was recently quoted in La Opinion, El Diario, and Rumbo. He noted that the lengthy and complicated visa system in the United States has the effect of pushing people across the border without waiting for authorization because they know there are jobs immediately available on the other side. 

Laura Danielson participated on a panel on Minnesota Public Radio on March 29, 2013 focused on the shifting political landscape and its effect on immigration policy.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted by CNN on March 11, 2013, in "Tech Giants, Private Prisons Big Players on Immigration Reform," Mr. Yale-Loehr said, "Lobbying on immigration reform is like lobbying on any complicated legislation in DC: messy and unpredictable. Just as with tax reform and health care reform, every affected constituency in the immigration debate is pushing their own agenda." He noted that "[s]ometimes the stars align and a bill gets passed. Often, however, the effort fails, despite or because of everyone's efforts."

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted on nbcnews.com on February 6, 2013. He said one possible compromise between the two sides with respect to immigration reform proposals would be an enforcement mechanism based on objective criteria, such as a certain number of Border Patrol agents along the border or a certain amount of money spent on security. He said that if Republicans insist on a subjective measure, such as whether a poll finds that the majority of Americans think the border is secure, or whether Republican governors of border states agree the border is secure, common ground will be much more difficult to find. Asked about the political feasibility of objective measures in a final immigration bill, Mr. Yale-Loehr said, "I would hope than an objective one would satisfy the conservatives enough that they could live with it while not antagonizing the other side too much."

Stephen Yale-Loehr participated in a one-hour panel discussion about prospects for immigration reform in the United States on February 4, 2013, on China Radio International.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the Syracuse Post-Standard on February 3, 2013. He noted that the immigration reform proposals by the bipartisan Senate group and President Obama call for creating a pathway to U.S. citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people already here, but are not specific about whether the undocumented already in removal proceedings would be eligible. He said the visa system should be changed so that people who want to come to work legally in the United States can do so.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the Arizona Republic on February 3, 2013. He noted that in representing an entire state, senators tend to be accountable to a more politically diverse group of constituents than House of Representatives members and can take a more moderate view. They also have to face voters every six years rather than every two years as House members do. That makes it easier for them to look at issues from a longer-term perspective, Mr. Yale-Loehr noted. "Having to face re-election every two years can make a member of the House more cautious thinking about how this might affect his or her primary chances. Republicans have to worry about a primary-election challenge from a 'tea party' or other conservative candidate."

Angelo Paparelli was quoted in the Washington Post "Wonkblog" on January 31, 2013. He explained that despite huge demand, the U.S. government ordinarily does not give out all visas allocated in any given year. He noted that under the law, any pending visa that is not closed out in a given fiscal year is "lost" for that year and must be counted toward the next year's allocation. Democrats want those visas recaptured; by some estimates, they could number hundreds of thousands of additional visas.

Angelo Paparelli was quoted in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal Newswires on January 29, 2013. He noted that it's tough to read much into the bipartisan immigration reform announcement. "There are agreed-upon principles from eight senators, but there's too much in flux at this point," he observed. The most pressing concern in his view is the requirement that undocumented people move to the end of the line for green cards and citizenship, since that process can take decades. "The end of the line might as well be the end of the rainbow. A significant number would die as temporary residents because of the wait for gren cards, which would make this path to citizenship a joke."

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education on immigration reform, published on January 28, 2013. He noted that the nation's immigration system "took 20 years to get broken; it can't be fixed overnight." He said he doubted immigration reform legislation would be enacted this year, "but I hope I'm wrong."

Stephen Yale-Loehr was interviewed on a nationally syndicated radio show about immigration reform.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was also quoted in Bloomberg News. He noted, "Immigration reform, like tax and Social Security reform, is very complex. Even if everyone wants reform, it may still take a long time to get a bill through Congress."

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted on NBCLatino.com in an article, "Growing Number of States Grant Lower Tuition Rates for Undocumented Students," published on January 18, 2013. Mr. Yale-Loehr noted that action at the state level may not be enough to address what is a nationwide issue. "Many of these students came at an early age and had no say in coming to the United States. As a practical matter we're never going to deport them. Congress has to address comprehensive immigration reform."

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