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FRANCE: New Enforcement Plan Against Illegal Work

The Prime Minister of France issued a press release on November 27, 2012, on the opening of a National Commission on the fight against illegal work. The Prime Minister declared a new enforcement plan against such work. Before the Commission, the Prime Minister reiterated the need for joint action by the state and the labor unions to effectively fight against illegal work, which he said distorts competition between companies and causes harm to France through evasion of tax and social security payments. The plan is to address the most common forms of illegal work and is aimed more specifically toward preventing organized fraud, based on complex arrangements with multiple and international stakeholders.

Plan 2013-2015 has five main areas:

  • The fight against the various forms of undeclared work;
  • Enforcement against unpermitted secondments in the framework of international service delivery;
  • The control of subcontracting;
  • Sanctions against using false status; and
  • Sanctions against the use of undocumented foreign workers and safeguarding their vested rights.

The plan, approved by all the trade unions and employers, increases controls. It will be implemented by inter-institutional and departmental anti-fraud committees (comités départementaux anti-fraude, or CODAF).The government is committed to a review of related actions each year.



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