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RUSSIA: Government Extended the List of Non-Quota Positions

The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation approved Decree #567n on November 30, 2012, "On distribution of the quota approved for work invitation letters for 2013 among regions of the Russian Federation." 410,126 quota slots have been approved for the entire territory of the Russian Federation (last year it was 460,510 slots); 21,445 will go to Moscow, and 27,337 to Saint Petersburg.

The decree came into force on December 31, 2012. An expected decree on quota distribution between companies-employers has not yet been officially published.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and Social Development approved and published Decree #568n on December 3, 2012, on non-quota positions for 2013. This decree took effect on January 6, 2013, and companies that plan to use non-quota positions for employment of foreign nationals were able to begin the process immediately after January 9, 2013.

The list of non-quota positions has been extended and includes 59 positions

1    Circus performer      
2    Ballet performer      
3    Ballet performer (principal)      
4    Artist-musician (opera and chamber)      
5    Artist-musician (principal)      
6    Actor      
7    Orchestra performer      
8    Symphony (chamber) orchestra performer      
9    Deputy production director      
10    Deputy art director      
11    Ballet master      
12    General director of a joint stock company       
13    General director of a joint enterprise       
14    General director of an enterprise       
15    General director of general directorship       
16    General director of an inter-industry scientific venture      
17    General director of a production facility       
18    Senior principal engineer of a project      
19    Senior principal engineer (in industry)        
20    Director of the department       
21    Director (head) of a branch office       
22    Director of a plant        
23    Director of economic affairs       
24    Head of the Representative office      
25    Director of a factory       
26    Director (head, representative) of directorship       
27    Director (head, executive) of an enterprise       
28    Director of a firm       
29    Director of a joint stock company       
30    Director of a joint enterprise       
31    Band Director      
32    Deputy Chairman of the Board       
33    Sound engineer      
34    Sound supervisor      
35    IT security engineer       
36    Engineer of automation and mechanization of production procedures      
37    Industrial engineer      
38    Engineer for production control system      
39    Engineer for automatic process control system      
40    Engineer for realization of new technology      
41    Quality engineer      
42    Setting and testing engineer      
43    Engineer for production management and control      
44    Pre-production engineer      
45    Engineer-welder      
46    Design engineer      
47    Electrical engineer      
48    Ringmaster      
49    Stunt coordinator      
50    President of a consortium (consolidated group, corporation, etc.) (socio-economic entity)
51    Chairman of the Board       
52    Stage manager      
53    Production director      
54    Ballet coach      
55    Drilling technician      
56    Setting and testing technician      
57    Technician      
58    Choreographer      
59    Art director

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