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BELGIUM: Increase in Administrative Fees for Residence Permits

Belgian residence permits are electronic identification cards, issued by the municipal authorities but produced by an external company. The Belgian Ministry of Interior Affairs recently decided to slightly increase (from 3 to 5 EUR) the fees that are charged to municipalities for these electronic ID cards. The overall fees charged to applicants also will increase.

A Royal Decree dated March 15, 2013, that took effect on April 1 determines the new fees chargeable to the municipal authorities:

  • The fee for "regular" processing (3 to 5 weeks) of an electronic residence permit is now 15 EUR;
  • If transport of the permits is handled exclusively by an external company, the fees for "very urgent" processing (2 working days) and "urgent" processing (3 working days) are 180 and 116 EUR, respectively. If the municipality is also involved in the transport of the permits, these fees may be 86 or 57 EUR, respectively.

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