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UNITED KINGDOM: SOC Codes To Be Updated on April 6

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes for Tier 2 will be updated from SOC 2000 to SOC 2010 on April 6, 2013. This will result in many of the job titles and SOC numbers changing. To make the transition easier for sponsors, the UKBA has provided a comparison between the two at Annex C, page 31 of the Statement of Intent. From a practical perspective, the change to SOC 2010 will have implications for assigning certificates of sponsorship as follows:

  • Any unrestricted certificates of sponsorship prepared before April 6 but not assigned will need to have the "job type" field amended and an appropriate SOC 2010 job type selected;
  • Any restricted certificates of sponsorship (RCoS) granted will need to be assigned before April 6 because the "job type" field cannot be amended to the new SOC 2010. If it cannot be assigned, a new application for a RCoS will need to be submitted;
  • During the transitional phase, the timings of the monthly allocation for RCoS will need to change for March, April, and May; rather than accepting applications from March 6 to April 5 to be decided on April 11, the UKBA will accept applications from April 6 to April 17 and decisions on these applications will be made on April 19. Applications for the May allocation of RCoS will be accepted from April 18 to May 5 and decisions will be made on May 13. The monthly allocation process for June will revert to the usual schedule.

If an RCoS is required urgently between March 6 and April 18, the application must be submitted through SMS and exceptional consideration requested by e-mail to Tier2Limits@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk. This e-mail must be forwarded to the UKBA on the same day as the application for an RCoS is submitted.

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