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UNITED KINGDOM: Capita to Run Reminder Pilot on Behalf of the Home Office

Starting on April 9, 2013, the Home Office is launching a pilot, in partnership with Capita, to remind individuals whose permission to stay in the UK is due to expire that they must either apply for further leave or depart from the UK. As part of the pilot, Capita will contact a randomly selected sample group of migrants whose leave to remain in the UK will expire in June 2013. These migrants will receive a letter, email, or SMS text message reminding them to either apply for further leave to remain in the UK or make plans to depart before their permission to stay expires. They will receive further reminders at 1 month and at 7 days before their leave expires. There is no requirement to respond, but a telephone number and email address are provided to contact Capita if desired. If the records held by the Home Office are out of date, this process will provide an opportunity for migrants to update their information.

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