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CANADA: New Changes to the Work Permit Labour Market Opinion Application Process

Effective July 31, 2013, Service Canada introduced a number of significant changes to the labour market opinion (LMO) in addition to the many changes introduced since April 2011. These latest amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations have introduced a new language assessment factor. As a result, only English and French may be identified as a job requirement in advertisements and LMO requests, unless it can be demonstrated that another language is essential for the position.

Additionally, employers now must make greater efforts to hire Canadians before they will be eligible to apply for temporary foreign workers. Employers must advertise an available position for at least four weeks before applying for an LMO, and must continue to actively seek qualified Canadians to fill the position until the LMO has been issued. Employers must also advertise on the national Service Canada Job Bank website and use at least two other recruitment methods consistent with the advertising practices for the occupation.

A new LMO application form has also been released, including additional questions intended to assist program officers in assessing the impact on the Canadian labor market and curbing the practice of using foreign workers in Canada temporarily to facilitate the outsourcing of Canadian jobs.

Another change is that an application fee of CAD $275.00 must be paid for each position requested to cover processing.

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