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SEVP Seeks Feedback on Draft Guidance re Vacations, Temporary Absences, and Timely Filings

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) periodically requests feedback from the public on draft guidance affecting F and M students. The program is accepting until October 23, 2013, feedback on guidance regarding vacations, temporary absences, and timely filings:

  • Vacations: This document gives the SEVP interpretation of the F-1 student annual vacation regulation to guide adjudicators 
  • Temporary absences: This document gives SEVP's interpretation of the temporary absence regulation to guide adjudicators and addresses the concept of authorized early withdrawal as it relates to temporary absence
  • Timely filings: SEVP notes that it is committed to the use of electronic reporting technology. Communications between SEVP and the academic community that previously depended upon the U.S. Postal Service and private-sector delivery companies are now conducted solely through electronic means. This guidance adjusts the allowable time for school officials and those who represent the schools to respond to SEVP notices
Links to the draft guidance listed above are available in SEVP's NOTICE. The e-mail address for submitting feedback is SEVPFeedback@ice.dhs.gov (include the title of the guidance in the subject line).

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