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BRAZIL: Accepting Work Authorization Applications Thorugh New Digital Certificate System

Brazil is now accepting work authorization applications through its new digital certificate system. Also, the country has released information for those coming for the FIFA World Cup 2014, which will be held in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014.

Digital Certificate

Since December 16, 2013, work authorization applications can be processed through the new digital certificate system. However, as it is still in the testing phase, some difficulties may arise. The good news is that processing and approval is much faster than the regular process.

FIFA World Cup 2014

Everyone coming for the World Cup should apply for a visa under RN-98, a normative resolution providing that visas for the World Cup event will be analyzed and granted on a priority basis. However, even under RN-98, there are a variety of visa categories, depending on what the person will be doing:

  • volunteers will receive temporary special courtesy visas;
  • spectators with purchased tickets will receive temporary special tourist visas;
  • members of the press covering the FIFA World Cup will receive temporary special business visas;
  • athletes and artists will receive temporary special Item III visas;
  • professionals working for the FIFA World Cup 2014 organization will receive temporary special item V visas; and
  • international correspondents covering the FIFA World Cup 2014 will receive temporary special item VI visas.

Brazil has visa waiver agreements with certain countries. For applicants needing a Temporary Special Tourist Visa or a Temporary Special Business Visa, see the visa chart to verify whether you need a visa to go to Brazil. Brazil has long-validity tourist visa agreements with Canada (5 years) and the United States (10 years).

Applicants who intend to travel to Brazil several times in the future may apply for a Temporary Special Tourist Visa at no charge and valid for 90 days, or may apply for a regular tourist visa with payment of fees for a longer term.



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