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ABIL lawyers are passionate about advocating for enlightened immigration reform. We know first-hand the benefits of a robust immigration environment that serves the needs of business and promotes prosperity. In today's uncertain world, our political leaders must ensure that hard-working, creative foreign citizens with needed skills are allowed the chance to help grow the American economy and fulfill the American Dream, just like their predecessors throughout our history as a nation of immigrants. Through ABIL we advocate for sensible, comprehensive and enlightened immigration reform of our laws and policies. On behalf of business and professional groups, our members testify before Congress, volunteer their time and talents, and author articles, books and publications geared toward educating the public and our elected representatives so that decisions on crucial immigration reform issues will be made in an informed, fair and workable manner.

John Nahajzer
Washington D.C.
Angelo A. Paparelli
Los Angeles, California
Julie Pearl
San Francisco, California
Bernard P. Wolfsdorf
Santa Monica, California
Stephen Yale-Loehr
Ithaca, New York
Charles Kuck
Atlanta, Georgia
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