Corporate Services

ABIL firms manage immigration matters for employees of U.S. and international companies – from short-term business visitors to longer-term workers, to those acquiring permanent residence.

In addition to handling individual cases, we believe our role is to use our expertise to help our clients with short-term and long-term planning. For many employees the immigration process lasts for years. During that time foreign employees might experience internal job changes, urgent foreign travel needs, and significant personal family considerations. We listen carefully to the needs and goals of our corporate clients and their employees in order to provide strategic, personalized service. We believe in providing “hands-on” care and easy access to our employer clients in order to assist them in guiding their employees through what is often a confusing and long-term immigration journey.

Using cutting edge technology, our lawyers work closely in partnership with our corporate clients to provide strategic immigration planning, case preparation, and deadline tracking. With highly developed systems and technological support, we are able to provide efficient services with cost competitive pricing while still providing one-on-one support and case direction by lawyers who really care.